Below are a few sample pages of a graphic novel for ages 8-11.
The son of Kong starts his first day of school, already thinking that he’ll be king of the playground. However, he is no longer the smartest, funniest best-looking kid in the room and he longs to go back to being home-schooled. 
When he discovers that that's no longer an option, he sets out to be the King of the jungle gym.
It’s a story about holding on to who you are when everything around you is telling you what they want you to be.
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Below you'll find a selection of pages from throughout the book.
Junior has struggled to make friends at his new school. The next couple of pages show Junior making his first true friends at the school.
The jungle gym is Junior's one shining light when he feels most alone, but a group of bullies have forbidden Junior from playing on it. His father has warned Junior that he should stay away from these bullies.
Junior gets into a fight with the bullies and subsequently befriends them. It’s not clear yet why they want him as a friend and so far they’ve managed to play together nicely, but something doesn’t seem right.
Together with Will and Chuck, Junior devises a plan to attack the jungle gym in order to get the bullies into trouble. They take this plan very seriously and throughout this sequence we witness the action in the same epic light that they do, with the jungle gym transformed into a well defended castle.
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